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Since 2010, Gridley Fitness provides an excellent fitness facility with everything you need for fitness - cardio equipment, strength & resistance weights and motivating group exercise. Gridley Fitness is proud to offer you with everything you need for overall fitness.

We offer all different types of cardiovascular equipment such as stationary bikes, several kinds of elliptical, treadmills and stair steppers.

There is a large machine weight areas with equipment specialized for all the major muscle groups. The Matrix Machines are all brand-new, belt-driven and incredibly smooth for you to do a great circuit of resistance training or build serious muscle with heavy lifts. It is very user-friendly and easy to adjust.

We have an extensive free weight area with dumbbells up to one hundred pounds, various kinds of benches, barbells, squat rack and smith machine. Two rooms have been specially designed and equipped with everything you need for building muscle in your lower body and upper body hammer strength.

Group Exercise Classes motivate you to keep up on your exercise and provide you with guidance for proper form and fitness. Our classes include Spin, Zumba, Yoga, Body Pump, Senior Fitness and many more.

Personal Training is a great way to jump start your path to health, speed up your progress, increase fitness performance and get the best results out of your exercise and effort. We have several knowledgeable, dedicated, amazing trainers who will be able to guide you through everything you need to do to make your goals a reality.

Private Fitness Classes allow our members to experience the benefits of personal training while exercising in a group environment.

We round out our facility with Tanning and Pro Shop that includes apparel, tanning lotions and nutritional supplements.Single Membership: One individual person fourteen years or older.

Couples Membership: two people ages 14 or older. Must be two people who live together in the same household at the same mailing address.

Examples: Husband and wife, couple living together in marital-type relationship, parent and child, two siblings

Family Membership: Three or More People

Temporary Membership: Gridley Fitness also offers temporary memberships for those people who are unable to commit, especially if you are only in the area for a short period or can only take group classes.

A couple with one or more dependents under age 21, or one parent with two or more dependents. All members must live in the same household, with the same mailing address.


Add On (Secondary) Members

Additional members may be added to your membership. To receive a family membership discount, add-on members must be your dependents, under age twenty-one, who live in the same household, at the same address. Persons over age twenty-one or not living at the same residence may be added on at full price.


All add-on members must commit to at least three months of membership.