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Freeze Policy

We understand there are times in life when it is impossible to get into the gym to exercise. Gridley Fitness offers the option to freeze your membership. This is a good option for people who want to remain members, but know they will be unable to exercise for several months. Reasons you might need to freeze your membership include going out of town for work, medical issues or an illness in the family.

You may freeze your membership for a minimum of two months and a maximum of six months. At the end of the freeze, billing will automatically resume and club access will be reinstated. If your are still within your contract, the completion date will increase by the number of months frozen.

Requires thirty days notice.


Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy at Gridley Fitness depends upon the type of membership you currently have.

For additional clarification or for questions, please call 530-846-4040.

Requires thirty days notice.