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Senior Fitness is a class specifically designed for older adults with an emphasis on improving strength, flexibility and balance, and a general improvement in quality of life.


The Senior Fitness class is based around essential exercises that make daily activities—like getting out of a chair or picking grandchildren up­—easier to do. All exercises have modifications that can be altered based on each individual's level of fitness. The instructor can help you determine appropriate recommendations on which exercises should be modified to be either more simplified, or more challenging.



Exercise will not only make you feel better but overall health often improves, increasing bone density, regulating blood pressure, and improving bio-markers of health like cholesterol levels. Exercise helps seniors have more energy throughout the day, reduces stress levels and just allow you to enjoy life more in general. The social aspect of this class is also really good, because fellow seniors support each other in making it through each workout.


Irene has taken additional classes in exercise design programs for Seniors. Her in-depth knowledge allow her a tremendous understanding of the typical limitations of older adults. She knows how to train the core and abs in order to increase balance, which is very important to fall prevention. If you already have a knee or hip replacement, this class can help you get back into exercise and movement.



"The Senior Class is truly a great workout; you know you're in better shape when you get through a session. Irene is a super leader."

June Thompson

"In a short six months, I have regained strength and balance. My muscles have toned and my clothes fit better. I am also feeling a new confidence in myself and my ability to move."


"The staff is very supportive! The instructor adapts exercises to meet individual needs. My friends have coomplimented me on tge changes in my posture, attitude and strength—all in a short six months!"

Shirley, age 71

"Irene is a great instructor. She really keeps us moving; challenging us, yet encouraging us, while altering exercises to meet individual needs.s I love the class and hate to miss a day. Go Seniors!"

Carolyn Nelson, age 72